About Parakeet

Why Parakeet

Parakeet began with series of submissions that the Honeyguide team and I thought best spoke to young readers. Not in their lack of complexity or because we didn’t value them as much as stories for adults, but in the way these pieces spoke to us. Children’s literature is profound in its simplicity, direct in its message, and loving in its form. It speaks to our souls, both as children and adults. We believe that is why we remember the stories we loved as children so vividly.

I especially loved fairytales with bright, whimsical illustrations that seemed to move on the page. The pictures are still often my favorite part of children’s books, but I love books in which the pictures and words work in tandem best. Words that cascade down a stream, or sparce lines on large, somber illustrations, are the ones I recall the most easily and fondly. Why can’t more adult books share the same cooperation between artwork and words?

At Parakeet, we look for fiction that is real, nonfiction that is honest, poetry that sings, and artwork that dances. We, much like our sister magazine, Honeyguide, publish issues that celebrate, examine, portray and wonder about humans’ relationship with animals, how we are similar, and the ways we affect each others’ lives.

We look forward to seeing your work and unique view on these concepts. I’ve found that a child’s view of the world is similar to mine as an adult, but it holds far more simple truth and unabated honesty.

Editor in Chief
Amanda Marrero

We are looking for more editors, readers, and correspondents! If you’re interested in working with this magazine, Honeyguide, or The Field Guide, send us an email or DM us on our social media pages.


Email us at info@honeyguidemag.com with any questions or concerns.

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