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Welcome to Parakeet Magazine

Our next reading period is October 1 – December 1, 2023

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Our second issue is coming Jan. 15, 2023!

Parakeet Magazine is an extension of Honeyguide Literary Magazine, a literary home for animal-themed stories, poetry, art, and conversation. We were inspired to start this edition by submissions that didn’t quite fit Honeyguide’s target audience but were well-told, whimsical, and fun to read. We believe children have just as powerful a voice as adults, and many words written by children leave just as much of an impact.

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The Debut PDF is now available to read online. Print issues will be in the Honeyguide Magazine shop. You can find the link here.

A magazine by young creators

Since this magazine is aimed at younger audiences, we wanted to hear from them directly. Children between 7 – 17 years old are encouraged to send their fiction and nonfiction stories, poetry, art, and articles with permission from a parent or guardian.

We want to read about your pets and how animals have affected your life. What did you learn about yourself by interacting with an animal? Do you believe an animal has a special message for others? How do you think humans and animals are similar in experience, lifestyle, desires and fears?

See our full submissions guidelines under Submit.

Contact us with any questions or concerns.

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How do animals make us more human?

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This is the governing question behind our magazine. What role do humans and animals play in each other’s lives? How do animals inspire us to be better humans? What can we learn and gain from each other.

We love hearing about pets and special animals, but we are more concerned about the why and the how. Instead of simply telling us how your pet helped you learn how to love, tell us about how you two are connected, why you are so important to each other, and what you learned about yourself by interacting with your pet.

You can read about the animals who inspired our mother magazine, Honeyguide, here.

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